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You're bored because you're not challenged enough

Published about 1 year ago • 2 min read

Hey hey! Every Sunday, I share a short essay on the creator economy in a hopefully interesting and inspiring way. Enjoy.

I’m willing to bet that the feeling you have of boredom and uselessness comes from the fact that you’re not challenged in life.

And I’d win that bet. Why?

Because our very nature demands that when we’re appropriately challenged, we feel good.

The chemical make-up of our brain is designed to reward us with positive feelings when we solve problems. Solving problems allow both us and our communities to grow, evolve, survive and thrive - the whole point behind evolution.

So if our natural state of being is to solve problems but we’re living a life of leisure and socialising, we are literally living against our natural state of being.

If we shy away from the mental work that’s required to solve problems, we don’t get the mental reward of solving the problems.

So it makes sense to say that if we are to shy away from the toil of problem solving that we also exclude ourself from one of the core aspects of living.

To fear the work of problem solving is to fear life itself.

And to exclude ourselves from the work/reward cycle of life, we will inevitably get bored and jaded with life itself.

Why are we like this?

Now it’s easy to point fingers to the individual and say “lazy not motivated, not passionate” etc etc
But we live in a time of great peace-time abundance. Our brains are still wired to solve problems but the vast majority of those problems… don’t really exist anymore.

The Western World allows us to never think about our survival. Most of the problems are solved.

So with the majority of struggles solved, we are left by ourselves to figure out what to do.

What to struggle for. What to solve problems for. What to live for.

It’s called hyper-individualism and it’s pretty fucking difficult thing to pull off for 99.9% of people.

What do we do?

Society won’t change that quickly so I believe we must roll with the punches while maintaining the balance of our sanity.

What does that mean.

Well the hyper-individualism has risen alongside the rise of the Internet. Never before in the history of the world has anyone had the opportunity to build an income and life around anything.

It is truly an insane time to be alive. But this gift comes with the question: if you can do anything, what do you do?

And so comes the internal work we must perform. The “who am I?” reflections, the “what do I actually give a shit about?” questions.

That work needs to be done. Now more than ever. But depending on the individual, it can take time. Time that will be very well spent but will probably not be generating any meaningful amount of income

While that work is happening though, we can leverage the Internet to create an income stream for ourselves.

One that frees up our time, frees up location-dependance and allows us to live well enough to explore these questions with ourselves.

We can create online businesses starting today that have low-barriers to entry, very little financial investment upfront and allows us to learn the skills of the internet.

Learning these skills will not only allow you to create an income for yourself now but will serve you when you find your true creative calling

Because after all that reflective work, you will still need to have an online presence. So building a money-making, online business now will serve you in the future. Win-win.

I’ll be exploring what these business models look like in future posts. I’ll also be exploring how to manage your time/energy while building this money-making internet business and balancing finding your creative calling.

That’s all for this edition.

Ludo- ✌️🖤

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