Case Study

greyparrot are a newly-launched, AI-based computer vision startup for the waste management industry.


From zero online presence to TechCrunch & The Evening Standard.

greyparrot was newly invested startup when we began working together. Holding only a basic logo, we started working on all online brand and presence. 

One year later, greyparrot appeared in TechCrunch and The Evening Standard print in October 2019.


Online presence for an AI startup.


The artificial intelligence industry suffers from an ongoing communication challenge.

AI as a concept is inherently difficult to represent visually with the general populace imagining a humanoid figure.

This challenge was compounded with an early-stage startup finding it’s identity.


Working closely with the CEO and engineers while iterating rapidly on design, identity work was completed which laid the foundation for future expansion.

Brand colours and tone were finalised while a short- to long-term social media and PR strategy was put in place.

Annual Savings


Return Users


Social followers


Traffic Boost



Creative assets.


Social Media


“Ludo supported Greyparrot for our online launch, both on website creation and social channels.

He provided us with useful insights and feedback to ensure a successful launch.

Ludo is a talented marketer whose enthusiasm and positivity drives action and brings people together. He is reliable and hard working.

I hope to work with him in some capacity moving¬†forward!”

Alisa Pritchard, Head of Marketing & Operations

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